Second Release of The Royal Mint’s Great Engravers Collection – Three Graces

Posted on:2021-03-08

The Great Engravers Collection from The Royal Mint celebrates some of the most iconic coin designs in numismatic history. The collection continues with The Three Graces, the second release in the series.

A Numismatic Classic Reimagined in Bullion: Una and the Lion Bullion Bar Range

Posted on:2021-02-25

A new collection of bullion bars has been inspired by classic designs created by celebrated engravers. The first design in the collection features Jody Clark’s contemporary interpretation of Una and the lion, a legend that was first captured on coins by the esteemed artist William Wyon RA.

Germania Allegories Series: Italia & Germania BU

Posted on:2021-01-28

The third coin of the Allegories series – Italia & Germania. The whole series presents countries’ personification in the form of beautiful, sensual, and strong women. The Allegorie series coins are created in one diameter of 38.61mm and four different weights & heights, ranging from 3 mm for 1 oz to 25.85 mm for 10 oz coin.

Physical platinum investment is an essential element in price discovery

Posted on:2020-12-23

The recent increase in the platinum price has heightened debate about the treatment and role of physical investment demand in market balances and price discovery.

Jurassic World Silver High Relief Antiqued Cracked Coin

Posted on:2020-12-22

The new Jurassic World coin dazzles collectors and investors with its novel high-relief technology, and its fossil appearance and theme complement each other. No more than 500 coins will be available worldwide.

European Hydrogen Week highlights the opportunity for Platinum stemming from a European Green Deal

Posted on:2020-12-02

The reduction in the amount of iridium needed in PEM electrolysis is meaningful as it supports the wider adoption of PEM electrolyzers and thus increased the demand for platinum.

The 9th release in the MARVEL Bullion series – WOLVERINE

Posted on:2020-11-27

LPM possesses the exclusive international distribution rights to the Wolverine coin. This happens to be the ninth release in the Marvel bullion series and has a mintage limited to just 50000.

Australian Shipwreck Series – Unique Triangular-shaped Coins

Posted on:2020-11-13

The popular shipwreck series first made an appearance in 2019 on the partnership between the Royal Australian Mint and LPM. The second and third coins were announced in 2020.

2018 – 2021 China’s Most Valuable Vintage Coin Series: Dragon Dollars

Posted on:2020-11-06

LPM revisited China’s numismatic past with the launch of the Dragon Dollar series of eight rounds. Inspired heavily by the extremely popular 19th to early 20th century Chinese Dragon Dollars that are a collectors’ delight, this launch is the cynosure of all eyes.

U.S. Mint Announces That 2021 American Eagle Coins to Have Old and New Design

Posted on:2020-10-28

The U.S. Mint is slated to release multiple American Eagle gold and silver coins as part of the 2021 series. A few of these will be bearing the current original designs while the rest shall come out with the all-new approved reverses.

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