Morgan and Peace Dollar 100th Anniversaries Coins

The U.S. Mint is releasing the Morgan and Peace Dollar Anniversary Coins to commemorate the 100th anniversaries of the last year of minting of the Morgan Silver Dollar and the first year of minting of the Peace Silver Dollar.

In 1921, the shift from the Morgan Dollar to the Peace Dollar design marked a significant moment in American history.

The Morgan Dollar, designed by Mint Chief Engraver George T. Morgan (1845-1925), was minted from 1878 to 1904 and 1921. It featured an obverse profile of Lady Liberty, and the reverse features a heraldic eagle, which symbolised the United States’ westward expansion and industrial growth.

The Peace Dollar, designed by renowned sculptor Anthony de Francisci (1887-1964), was minted from 1921 to 1935. It featured the Goddess of Liberty on the obverse and a bald eagle clutching an olive branch on the reverse. It symbolised the United States’ coming of age as a global power and marked the peace between the U.S. and Germany after World War I.

The 2021 Morgan Dollar with an uncirculated finish is struck with O, CC, S, D privy marks and one without mintmark. The 2021 Peace Dollar with an uncirculated finish is struck without a mintmark.

Each coin is packaged in an elegant black box, with a beautiful outer sleeve adorned with an image of the coin obverse and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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