The Royal Mint is Launching the World’s First James Bond Bullion Bar, Available in Gold and Silver

The latest Bond film No Time to Die that was originally slated to be released in March of this year may now get an April 2020 release, but Bond aficionados need not be disappointed. The Royal Mint has announced the release of the James Bond 007, No Time to Die bullion bars and the addition of a final coin to their collection of coins named after the famous Ian Fleming created character.

Designed in a manner that melds the appeal of precious metals with the iconic and legendary stature of the James Bond character bringing to life the most exquisite bullion bars that testify to the much-heralded design capabilities of the Royal Mint. These special types of bars feature all the 25 official James Bond titles including the yet to be released, No Time to Die.

What Sets Them Apart

The bullion bars can be purchased in 999.9 fine gold as well as 999.9 silver, with each bar boasting of an evocatively unique design. These bars are collectors’ (especially Bond buffs) what with the famous 007 emblems decorating the center of the bars all of which sport all the 25 Bond movie titles in the background. The bars also carry the year 2020 date as a tribute to the year in which the 25th James Bond film was supposed to release.

Apart from their legendary association with the renowned British fictional spy character that has redefined popular cinema the all-new stylish bullion bars are also an excellent investment option, especially in the turbulent times that we live in.

The World’s Very First James Bond Bullion Bar

These are available for interested buyers in 1-ounce gold, 1-ounce silver, and 10-ounce silver editions all of which have been struck to bullion standards.

2020 James Bond 1 oz Gold Bullion Bar

This particular gold bullion bar is part of a limited collection of a highly prized 5000 pieces. On one side of the bar, it sports the iconic 007 logo and the No Time to Die legend on the other. It also carries the names of all the Bond movie logos on both sides. The bar’s dimensions comprise a height 49.66 mm height, 28.98 mm width, and 1.67 mm thickness.

2020 James Bond 10oz Silver Bullion Bar

This finely crafted silver bullion bar has no more than 6000 pieces for sale and bears the Royal Mint and 007 logo on one side and the No Time to Die logo on the other side. The logos of all the 25 Bond movies made till now are mentioned on each side of the coin as is customary in the James Bond bullion series. As is to be expected this bar is much larger than the 1-ounce edition and its dimension comprises 90.02 mm height, 51.92 mm width, and a thickness of 6.44 mm.

2020 James Bond 1oz Silver Bullion Bar

This one is the most affordably priced of the James Bond bullion bar series and there are no more than 70,000 of these bars available for purchase. The bar sports the Roya Mint and the James Bond logo on one side and the No Time to Die movie title on the other. The logos of all the official 25 Bond films ever made are embossed on both sides. The height of the bar is 49.96mm, while the width and thickness are 28.98 mm and 2.20 mm respectively.

Considering that gold and the Bond movie franchise have an old and intimate connection with two Bond films having the titles Goldfinger and The Man with the Golden Gun. The theme songs of those iconic movies alluded to the precious metal as well.  It is fitting that gold bullion that pays a tribute to this legendary association should come from the Royal Mint, which itself is admired globally for its high standards of quality as well as accuracy.

There is no doubt about the fact that the James Bond precious metal bar series will build on the successful launch of the commemorative three-coin designs launched earlier in the year which when juxtaposed next to each other revealed the well-known 007 motifs. This is only to be expected from a mint that has been raising the bar of excellence for its rendition of precious metals for over 1100 hundred years now. It is just right that a global British icon is thus honored by a venerable British institution like the Royal Mint.

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