The 9th release in the MARVEL Bullion series – WOLVERINE

LPM possesses the exclusive international distribution rights to the Wolverine coin. This happens to be the ninth release in the Marvel bullion series and has a mintage limited to just 50000. The image carried on the coin’s obverse has been designed by Ian Rand Broadley and mentions the 0.9999 purity and a legal tender denomination of $1 from Tuvalu. Every coin of this series conforms to the highest quality one expects from the Perth Mint.

The Perth Mint’s Marvel Comics series comprising silver bullion coins is quite a successful one, as evidenced by the fact that it is into its ninth issue in four years. Launched in 2017 with none other than Spiderman, this series is well on its way to include all the legendary heroic characters. The first coin of 2021 marks a deviation from the Avengers universe and a foray into the equally iconic X-Men universe.

Wolverine is as popular a comic book figure as they come with a series of solo movies spun off on the central comic book character. The depiction of Wolverine on the coin, though, stays faithful to the comic book despite the excellent cinematic depiction by Hugh Jackman. There is no mistaking Wolverine’s identity as depicted on the coin, what with its typical costume and adamantium claws. Wolverine, AKA Logan, and Weapon X is a mutant with senses that are as keen as an animal’s, much enhanced physical capabilities, all-powerful healing abilities, equipped with three retractable claws in each hand. At different times, Wolverine has been depicted differently as a member of the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and The Avengers.

Wolverine is the creation of Marvel Editor-in-Chief Roy Thomas, writer Len Wein and Marvel Art Director, John Romita Sr. Later, writer Chris Clairemont and artist-writer John Byrne would develop the character in their own way. Artist Frank Miller then joined hands with Clairemont to revise the character and present it as a four-part limited series between September and December 1982. It gave birth to the famous Wolverine line, “I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice.”

Wolverine, the tough anti-hero, is one of many that caught the American people’s fancy in the post-Vietnam war era. Wolverine’s alacrity uses awe-inspiring and deadly force coupled with his brooding nature set the tone for many comic book heroes, or shall we say anti-hero of the time. Wolverine has made an appearance in most of the X-Men tales and animated television series, video games, and the 20th Century Fox X-Men movie series.

The obverse design carries a Queen Elizabeth II effigy in the middle. The 0.9999 silver coin comes with a brilliant finish typical of an uncirculated coin. 49000 of these coins will be sold in capsules, as also in tubes and large boxes. That apart, a thousand of these coins will be presented, attached to a brilliant blister card.


Product Details:

  • Mintage of 50,000
  • 9th release in highly successful Marvel bullion series
  • Tuvalu legal tender
  • 1oz of .9999 fine silver
  • Struck by The Perth Mint
  • Each coin comes presented in a capsule and sealed in rolls of 20


Product Details:

  • Low issue limit of just 1,000!
  • 8th release in the Marvel Bullion Coin in Card series
  • The reverse features the Iconic Marvel character Wolverine
  • The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley likeness of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by the country, face value, year, weight, and purity
  • Tuvalu legal tender
  • Minted by The Perth Mint

LPM is the exclusive international distributor of the Wolverine coin. Please click HERE to view more Marvel coins.

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