China Panda New 2021 Reverse Designs

The 2021 version of the China Panda gold and silver commemorative coin artwork was unveiled recently by the People’s Bank of China. The launch of the 2021 edition of the Panda gold and silver commemorative coins was overseen by Shao Junzhi, deputy general manager of China Gold Coin Corporation.

The first 2021 panda gold coin is being minted
Successfully turning out the very first 2021 Panda gold coin

The 2021 version of the China Panda gold and silver commemorative coin design is now officially in the public realm.

The designer of the 2021 Panda gold and silver commemorative coin, Tong Fang.

The panda is China’s national treasure. The panda gold and silver coins are the legal tender in the People’s Republic of China, and they are also China’s dazzling calling card for China around the world.

The birth of the 2021 version of the Panda Gold Coin marked the official entry of the 40th anniversary of the Chinese Panda Gold Coin.

Designer Tong Fang introduced the development history of Panda Gold Coins

According to Tong Fang, the 2021 Panda coin is the third version of the new decade series. The red Panda depicted in the 2019 coin signifies the Newborn of Love, while the one depicted in 2020 shows the red panda lying on the grass, eating bamboo leaves under its mother’s protection. Today the red panda all grown up-strong and powerful. It has boldly climbed the tree with its mother’s encouragement and can finally gaze across the vast green mountains and waters in the distance.

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