American Eagles New 2021 Reverse Designs

The all-new American Eagles Gold and Silver coins 2021 new reverse designs are already making waves among collectors and investors alike. This is not surprising considering the fact that the U.S. Mint’s American Eagle Coins series has been extremely popular ever since its launch in 1986. In the past, they have given collectors much reason to be happy with their acclaimed and much-appreciated series of super quality gold, platinum, palladium, and silver bullion releases.

This made in America line is great both from an investment as well as a gifting point of view. Besides, these coins have the added advantage of being permitted to go for an IRA in its ungraded state, something that cannot be said of other issues. This new release provides investors with a great opportunity to place an order with the bullion exchange.

What’s Special About the American Eagle Bullion Coins

The American Eagle Bullion coins are a great way of diversifying one’s investment portfolio.  This is especially relevant in today’s uncertain economic scenario in light of the high degree of liquidity it offers. As a matter of fact, the American Eagle Coins program has proven its worth to investors since 1986. The line had debuted with the American Gold and Silver Eagle coins.

The Platinum Eagle coins were subsequently released to the public in 1997. The Palladium bullion coins on their part were released to the public by the U.S. Mint in 2017. The American Eagle bullion coins are the official bullion coin series of the United States.

What the American Eagle Stands For

The bald eagle has been identified as the symbol of the United States since 1782. You find it on the Great National Seal of the country as well on numerous government institutions and documents. The bird was chosen to represent the values represented by America because it was felt that it best personified the traits of beauty, independence, freedom, and strength. A bird that is indigenous to America, its majestic presence and bold appearance was at once captivating as well as imposing.

No wonder the U.S. Mint thought it fit to use its image on all its issues of its coin reverses from 1986 to 2020. Even while 2021 heralded the start of a new era for the American Eagle Coins, the bird will continue to be highlighted like always.

An All-New Reverse Design for the 2021 Silver and Gold American Eagles

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) shared information pertaining to the new sample designs for the Gold and Silver American Eagle coins. Both the gold and silver designs display an eagle, albeit in different kinds of representation of the great American symbol. These are expected to be a few months into 2021. Anti-counterfeiting measures along with the new design features will make an appearance on the proof and in other versions forming a part of the series later in the same year.

The Two Facets of a Coin

Ever since they were launched in 1986, the Silver American Eagle coins have displayed the American Eagle on the reverse of the coin. This had been so at the time of launch in 1792 and through the update in 1986. The design encompasses the iconic eagle with outstretched wings, as depicted by John Mercanti. This long-used design will, however, will not find a place on the reverse of the gold and silver coin minted as part of the 2021 edition. There will be no change to the classic design for the platinum and palladium coins.

The obverse design will as always be the one created by Adolph A Weinman inspired by the silver half dollar used between 1916 and 1947. The new reverse design on the other hand incorporates both fresh design elements and security features. The silver coin features an image comprising of a bald eagle that flies carrying an oak branch even while it is surrounded by inscriptions depicting the country, weight, purity, denomination, and the motto E Pluribus Unum. The reverse of the gold eagle on the other hand has the same inscriptions, as also the famous legend, “In God We Trust” and carries a closeup image depicting the left side of a bald eagles’ head.

Product Specifications:

2021 American Silver Eagle:

  • Made using .999 fine silver weighing 1 troy ounce
  • Individual coins encased in plastic flips, multiples of 20 coins come in mint sized tubes and multiples of 500 are available in monster boxes.
  • Precious Metals IRA eligibility.
  • U.S. mint production.
  • The reverse displays a bald eagle in flight carrying bearing an oak branch.

2021 American Gold Eagle:

  • New three-level security features on the reverse.
  • Made using .9167 pure gold bearing a weight of 1 ounce.
  • U.S. mint production.
  • Individual coins in plastic flips.
  • IRA eligibility.
  • U.S. legal tender.
  • The reverse bears the left-hand side profile of a bald eagle.

2020 American Eagles

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